Plumbers Hole Saw Kit FineXcut M42 8% Cobalt

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Mandrex Extra Fine M42 8%Co MXqs Plumbers Hole Saw 6Pc Kit

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A whole kit of our Long Lasting Mandrex Extra Fine Tooth Bi-Metal M42 8% Cobalt Hole Saw with unique ejection holes for extra chip release and weight reduction. Hardened steel, in combination with our special tooth geometry, provides the smoothest cut requiring less feed pressure.

HSS Bi-metal Hole Saws manufactured in an M42 grade steel with fine vario pitched teeth for smooth cutting in thin metal sheets, thin pipes, steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal. The special tooth style provides a smooth cut, also on irregular surfaces.


  • 8/12″ variable teeth for clean edges
  • Specifically for thin metal plate
  • HSS Bi-metal with 8% cobalt alloy for a longer lifetime
  • Cutting depth 38mm (1-1/2″)

The Mandrex FineXcut M42 8% cobalt Hole Saws are constructed of? M42 hardened, heat and abrasion resisting high speed steel teeth with a tough alloy body and cap. This gives them excellent strength, durability and shatter resistance. They will cut mild steel, aluminium, stainless, 4130 and T45. are the perfect solution for a smooth cutting experience and a great option for;

  • Ventilation ducting
  • Tube Notchers
  • Sheet Metal up to 8-10mm
  • Aluminium Check Plate or sheet with uneven surface
  • Stainless Steel
  • excellent for drilling fibreglass baths for tap holes

With the extra fine tooth set of 8 teeth per inch (8/12″) guarantees a smoother faster cut with less ‘grab’ on the impact. less burring and a cleaner hole finish.

Kit Comprises:

1 x MXqs arbor with HSS drill (chuck HEX11)
1 x extra HSS pilot drill
1 each of: 19, 22, 29, 38, 44, 57mm

(3/4, 7/8, 1-1/8, 1-1/2, 1-3/4, 2-1/4)