MandreX Vacuum Diamond Drilling Hole Saw Centering Guide


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MandreX Vacuum Diamond Drilling Hole Saw Centering Guide

Easy vacuum mounted centering tool which allows you to drill secure and stable in all kinds of materials, the MandreX Vacuum Diamond Drilling Hole Saw Centering Guide is simply pushed against the surface then push down the handle to secure.

This smart centering tool can be used against every smooth and non-porous material; e.g. glazed wall tiles, kitchen sheet from marble or natural stone.


  • Suitable for drilling diameters up to Ø35mm.
  • Can be used both wet and dry.
  • Stable anti-slip rubber feet offering firm grip.
  • Use alongside the water spray bottle MHD0002B
  • For Dust and Slurry extraction you can use the Mandrex Dust & Slurry Extractor.

This smart tool can be used against any material and under many circumstances. With its Large suction pad for a firm fixing to the drilling surface and the durable Stainless Steel guide, and a built in Flexi-hose to direct at the drilling tip, this tool is a must predominantly for all professional Tilers, but indeed many plumber and electricians, would find this a useful tool too.

Mark the position where you want to drill and use the suction pad to fix firmly to the surface. Then simply direct the fixed flexi-hose at the drill point and pressurise the water spray bottle to ensure a constant flow whilst drilling.

No markings on the drill anymore? Compare your drill with the diameter of your wall-plug with the holes in the tool.