Mandrex ULTIMATE TwisterXBit Auger Bit 460mm x 38.0mm


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Mandrex ULTIMATE TwisterXBit Auger Bit 110mm x 16mm

Auger Wood Bits for fast, powerful and accurate drilling in wood.

Our unique self-feeding threaded QuickTip Technology enables the drill bit to effortless pull itself into the wood very deep. Fast Chip removal and precise drilling due to our low friction flute geometry. Suitable for use on soft and hard wood, light building materials, plasterboard and framing. Less friction and heat because of special diameter ground flute below the drill point


  • For wood & wooden materials
  • Extreme fast because of the self-feeding QuickTip technology
  • Cutting depths 110, 230 and 460mm for extreme deep holes
  • Precision releif ground Auger bit
  • Highest grade hardened steel
  • Clean drilling
  • Hex 1/4″ ?or 3/8? shank

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Carpentry & Joinery


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