Mandrex TOUGHCUT Reciprocating / Sabre Saw Blade – 200


Pack of 2 Blades

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Mandrex TOUGHCUT Reciprocating / Sabre Saw Blade – 200mm

These superior reciprocating / Sabre Saw sawblades feature heavy duty industrial diamond grit which ensures smooth straight cutting through the hardest materials. Can be used for cutting cast iron, fibreglass, cement board, carbon fibre, bricks, building blocks, concrete etc.


  • Heavy duty industrial grit
  • Exceptional strength, versatility and durability
  • Blade length 200mm
  • Universal shank
  • Made in Germany

For use on:

Soft- and hard tiles, fibre cement plate, cast iron pipe,
foam concrete, soft bricks


Part.No Length Cutting Length Height Blade Width TPI Cutting Depth
MRT10B 200mm 180mm 19mm 0.9mm Continuous 2-100