Mandrex STEELCUT Reciprocating / Sabre Saw Blade – 150

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Pack of 2 Blades

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Mandrex STEELCUT Reciprocating / Sabre Saw Blade – 150

High quality bi-metal blades for cutting sheet metal, pipes and profiles.
For each thickness we have designed the perfect blade. These blades are known for their exceptional strength, versatility and durability.

This version is the STEELCUT 150mm length blade with a TPI of 1.4.


  • Exceptional strength, versatility and durability
  • Special design to cut all kinds of steel
  • Bi-metal milled blade
  • Universal shank
  • Made in Germany


Part.No Length Cutting Length Height Blade Width TPI Cutting Depth
MRS10B 150mm 130mm 19mm 0.9mm 1.4 25-100
MRS11B 150mm 130mm 19mm 0.9mm 1.8 50-200
MRS12B 230mm 210mm 19mm 0.9mm 1.4 25-100
MRS13B 230mm 210mm 19mm 0.9mm 1.8 50-200