Mandrex SpeedXcut M42 102mm Extra Long Hole Saw & Arbor


165mm Deep Bi-Metal – 8% Cobalt M42

The extra deep Bi-metal Hole Saw with the fine cut teeth for smooth cutting of metal sheets, pipes, steel, stainless steel and non ferrous metal. The special tooth style provides a smooth cut, also on irregular surfaces.


BI-METAL MXqs SpeedXcut M42 Xtra Deep 165mm

NEW FOR 2018!

The 165mm extra deep Bi-Metal Hole Saws now arrive including the unique MXqs adapter AND also the MandreX One-Click MXqs Arbor!
With a 165mm cutting depth and the M42 grade Bi Metal, these hole saws are perfect for cutting through multple layers of a wide range of materials
Available in in a range of 9 useful sizes; 44mm, 60mm, 68mm 83mm, 102mm, 111mm, 121mm, 133mm & 152mm.

– 4/6″ tooth for clean edges
– Comes with Hexagonal 11.9mm x 1/2″ adapter
– Bi-metal M42 with 8% cobalt alloy for a longer lifetime
– Cutting depth 165mm (4″)
– Smooth cutting with minimal heat build up
– Suitable for use in electric and battery powered tools