Mandrex Small Drill Dust & Slurry Extraction Tool



Mandrex Small Drill Dust & Slurry Extraction Tool

Work CLEAN and SAFE with the Mandrex Large Drill Dust & Slurry Extraction Tool. Particularly for use with the UniXcut and DryXcut ranges of Diamond Hole Saws and Core Drills, in fact these are compatible with any type of diamond hole cutter.

Protect yourself!

Small particles you cannot see are the most dangerous! This smart tool can not only be used against every smooth and non-porous material (e.g. glazed wall tiles, kitchen sheet from marble or natural stone), but also against less abrasive materials ***( depending on the roughness and the capacity of the vacuum/dust-cleaner you use). For example timber or other composite materials for safe chip and dust removal.

*** Not in combination with the Vacuum Centering Device MHD00101B

Drill Smart!

Can be used with and without the MHD00101B Vacuum Centering Device.


Together with the Vacuum Centering Devices you will get all the benefits: no dust, no slurry, perfect centering and prevention of slipping of the drill.

The Drill Dust & Slurry Extraction Tool is available in 2 sizes for different sizes of hole cutters as follows;

SMALL for Sizes:  5mm up to 35mm hole cutters

LARGE for Sizes:  35mm up to 102mm hole cutters