Mandrex SHARPCUT VARIA Jigsaw Blade – Fine

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Mandrex SHARPCUT VARIA Jigsaw Blade – Fine Tooth

Professional Jig saw blades for universal applications in wood and metal materials. Conically ground blade with sharpened teeth. For fast and clean cuts. Made in Germany, using patented laser technology, makes these universal blades, exceptional strong and versatile.


  • Bi-metal blades
  • For universal applications
  • Exceptional strength, versatility and durability
  • Also usable for wood with nails
  • Universal shank
  • Made in Germany

Primarily for use on:

Plywood, sheet steel, non-ferrous metal, steel pipe, reinforced plastics, epoxy


Part.No Length Cutting Length Height Blade Width TPI Mat. Thickness Pk Size
MSV11B 132mm 110mm 8mm 1.0mm 1,0-1,6 1.2mm-6mm Pk2