Mandrex One-Click Quick Release Hole Saw Arbor

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The Mandrex One-Click Quick Release Ultimate Hole Saw Arbor!


Mandrex One-Click Quick Release Arbor

Exchanging Hole Saws is a matter of pushing the button and sliding the hole from the shaft!

With the MXqs arbors you only require one arbor for large and small Hole Saws. With our unique ONE CLICK arbor system it only takes seconds. Making use of the unique Mandrex MXqs arbor system brings you all its unique features with one simple CLICK.

Just push the button and start saving time, money and frustration!

The MXqs “ONE CLICK” Hole Saw System

Replace and change your Hole Saws simply and easily with just ONE CLICK!

Experience the future in arbor systems:

Better, faster and more efficient than all other existing arbors in the market! What is more - this system is compatible with most other hole saw brands! So you can easily switch to this superior system with minimal effort!

Change out your Hole Saw with ONE CLICK

To remove the Hole Saw to use another diameter, just push the button and exchange the Hole Saw. Slide on another Hole Saw and you are ready to go.


Eject the plug with ONE CLICK

Easy core removal! Just push the button, move the Hole Saw back and forth and you have released the core! Drill the next hole easily and quickly, without struggling or waiting.



Easily enlarge previously drilled holes

Simple! You can now use the smaller Hole Saw to center the drill. It is easy to drill a hole with the desired diameter. (You do need the 'hole enlargement adapter' for this)



One Arbor for large and small Hole Saws

Only one arbor needed for all Hole Saw diameters. No further need to have 2 different arbors for large and small diameters.



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