Mandrex MULTICUT Reciprocating / Sabre Saw Blade – 300

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Pack of 2 Blades

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Mandrex MULTICUT Reciprocating / Sabre Saw Blade – 300

Top quality multi-purpose blades for everyday applications. Ensures outstanding cutting , smooth and fast under heavy conditions.
These Multicut blades are known for the wide range of materials they can be used for, including wood with nails.


  • Exceptional strength, versatility and durability
  • Fast cutting
  • Multi-purpose blade
  • Bi-metal milled blade
  • Universal shank
  • Made in Germany


Part.No Length Cutting Length Height Blade Width TPI Cutting Depth
MRM11B 150mm 130mm 19mm 1.27mm 4.2 6-100
MRM12B 230mm 210mm 19mm 1.27mm 4.2 6-180
MRM10B 300mm 280mm 19mm 1.27mm 4.2 6-250