Mandrex MetalXcut Diamond Cut-off Disc 350mm



Mandrex MetalXcut Diamond Cut-off Disc 350mm

The Mandrex Diamond Cut-off Disc MetalXcut 350mm feature a diamond abrasive edge, combined with a shatter-resistant steel core. This combined, ensures safe operation, reduced dust and debris and an extreme long lifetime.

The Mandrex MetalXcut diamond cut-off discs are designed to retain its cutting power up to 50 times longer than typical bonded abrasive products. The thin walls of the discs ensure quick clean cuts through almost any material including (stainless) steel, cast iron, rebar, masonry and many more.

Because of the high performance diamond technology the diamond does width throughout the lifetime of the disc. The Mandrex MetalXcut diamond cut-off discs have a lifetime of 1,000 or more cuts (up to 30 times longer life than thin bonded cut-off wheels)*


  • High performance diamond technology
  • Up to 30 times longer lifetime than typical bonded abrasive products
  • Extreme durability in metal cutting applications
  • Safe shatter-resistant steel core
  • Reduced dust and debris during use
  • Cutting depth remains unchanged during the lifetime of the blade
  • The lowest cost per cut

Carbon steel
Stainless steel
Thin sheet metal
Metal pipe / profile
Copper / Brass
Fibre cement stone
Reinforced plastic


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