Mandrex HARDCUT Reciprocating / Sabre Saw Blade – 210


Pack of 2 Blades

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Mandrex HARDCUT TCT Reciprocating / Sabre Saw Blade

Top quality Tungsten Carbide Teeth combined with the power of your reciprocating / Sabre Saw saw give you the strength to cut through brick & mortar, stone, Thermalite block, reinforced plastics, gypsum and many more materials. The special design is ideal for curve cuts and the high grade carbide teeth ensures a long lifetime.

  • Fits any reciprocating / Sabre Saw saw
  • Professional Grade
  • Fast cutting application for otherwise difficult jobs
  • Exceptional strength, versatility and durability
  • Ideal for curve cuts
  • Made in Germany


Part.No Length Cutting Length Height Blade Width TPI Cutting Depth
MRH10B 210mm 190mm 46mm 2.97mm 18 30-80
MRH11B 300mm 280mm 46mm 2.97mm 18 30-200
MRH12B 460mm 440mm 46mm 2.97mm 18 30-350