Mandrex FineXcut Bi-Metal M42 8% Cobalt 76mm Hole Saw inc adapter

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Long lasting Bi-metal Hole Saws with unique ejection holes for extra chip release and weight reduction. Hardened steel, in combination with our special tooth geometry, provides the smoothest cut requiring less feed pressure.

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Mandrex BI-METAL FineXcut M42? 8% Cobalt 76mm Hole Saw inc adapter

HSS Bi-metal Hole Saws manufactured in an M42 grade steel with fine vario pitched teeth for smooth cutting in thin metal sheets, thin pipes, steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal. The special tooth style provides a smooth cut, also on irregular surfaces.


  • 8/12 variable teeth for clean edges
  • Specifically for thin metal plate
  • Bi-metal with 8% cobalt alloy for a longer lifetime
  • Cutting depth 38mm (1-1/2?)
  • Smooth cutting with minimal heat build up
  • Suitable for use in electric and battery powered tools