MandreX EasyXcut HSS Bi-Metal 44mm Hole Saw M3 excl adapter


Bi-metal M3 Hole Saws with vario-pitched teeth for applications where fast cutting and low price are the main challenges. Our special tooth geometry provides the smoothest cut, requiring less feed pressure.

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MandreX EasyXcut HSS Bi-Metal Holesaw M3 excl adapter

– 4/6″ variable tooth for clean edges
– Smooth cutting with minimal heat build up
– Cutting depth 47mm (1-3/4″) for deeper holes in one pass
– Maximum clearance of chips thanks to the wide slots
– Suitable for use in electric and battery powered tools
– Supplied WITHOUT the One-Click adapter as a plain hole saw for fitment with any standard A1 or A2 Arbor

Wide range of 59 sizes available