Mandrex DUOCUT – VARIA Jigsaw Blade


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Mandrex DUOCUT VARIA Jigsaw Blade

Our variable pitch double sided Duocut Varia Jig saw blades deliver extraordinary tight cuts with unmatched precision, speed and cleanliness. These innovative blades cut in all directions, for superior performance.

The Duocut cuts (splinter-free) all kinds of wood and wood based products


  • Cut any curve of angle. No matter how tight
  • Chrome Vanadium hardened steel
  • Variable pitch laser-tech teeth
  • Fast and smooth splinter-free cuts
  • Double-edged blade cuts both ways
  • Universal jigsaw shank
  • Made in Germany
For use on:

Softwood, construction wood, plywood, multiplex, MDF, laminated board.


Part.No Length Cutting Length Height Blade Width TPI Mat. Thickness Pk Size
MSD11B 115mm 95mm 8mm 1.45mm 2.2-3.2 3mm-90mm Pk2