Mandrex COOLCUT Jigsaw Blade

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Mandrex COOLCUT Jigsaw Blade

Perfect straight cuts with our unique top quality Coolcut Jig saws. Made in Germany using patented laser technology. These blades feature a parallel cut, open framework design that helps dissipate frictional heat. The pointing teeth are designed for extra splinter free cut. These unique shape blades offer highly precise cuts while maintaining superior blade durability


  • Unique blade design
  • Open framework design to dissipate frictional heat
  • Parallel shape for super straight cuts
  • Superior durability
  • Pointing teeth for extra splinter free cuts
  • Universal jigsaw shank
  • Made in Germany
For Use with:

Softwood, wood, plywood, multiplex, MDF, laminated board, laminate.


Part.No Length Cutting Length Height Blade Width TPI Mat. Thickness Pk Size
MSC10B 100mm 75mm 8mm 1.45mm 2 3mm-60mm Pk2