Mandrex DryXcut Vacuum Brazed 40mm Diamond Hole Saw


These diamond grit edge Hole Saws have been specially developed for professionals who need to drill in extremely hard materials. With the extreme long life time these saws are for the most difficult jobs. When used with the unique DryXcut pilot drill will lower the risk of slipping!

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– Up to 10 times longer lifetime
– Dry drilling, no water required
– Clean edges and fast, accurate cuts
– Premium grade diamond grit
– Ideal for tiles, granite and hard and natural stone (e.g. marble)
– Cutting depth is 35mm (1-3/8?)
– Small diameters (5-18mm) with cooling wax
– Side holes for release of slurry
– Suitable for use with high speed electric or battery powered drilling or grinding machines
Hole Size 40mm Ø Dia.
LIST PRICE: £46.86