Mandrex UniXcut Diamond Drill Kit & Case 6 Piece


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Mandrex UniXcut Diamond Drill Kit 6 Piece

The Mandrex Arbored (one piece) vacuum brazed diamond grit Hole Saws are long-lasting and perfect for drilling in tiles and stone. Drilling is fast and easy thanks to the reduced pressure which is required for the perfect result.


  • Over-sized slot holes for easy plug removal
  • Little pressure required during drilling
  • Wet and dry drilling, minimal water required
  • Suitable for use in low speed electric and battery powered drilling machines
  • Clean edges and accurate cuts
  • Ideal for tiles, granite and hard and natural stone
  • No arbor required
  • Maximum cutting depth is 28mm (1-1/8?)

The perfect kit for drilling small (plug) holes in tiles, etc.?For more accurate positioning and water cooling, this kit contains a professional
centering and cooling device.?This set includes all suitable diameters: ?5,6,8,10 and 12mm.