HPS Crawley breakfast morning

Mandrex breakfast morning at HPS Crawley

It was a pleasure to showcase the Mandrex hole saw system to HPS Crawley customers on Tuesday the 6th of August. It was also excellent to have such a positive response; a plumber who had brought the TCT hole saws early that morning, came back and commented on how fast they were -

"I bought the 44mm TCT and 51mm TCT hole saws with the standard arbor. Brilliant! I've used Bosch hole saws my entire career, and am proud to say I'll be using Mandrex from hear on out"

Reference from Luc.

It's always good to get feedback about the Mandrex hole saw system, especially when you find the products are helping plumbers be fast and efficient - the very thing that Mandrex stands for.


Another product that didn't have to try at all hard to grab attention, was the Starter Kit - the simplest one-click hole saw arbor on the market, coupled with 5 innovative adaptors. The Starter Kit allows for any brand, type, or size of threaded hole saw to be turned into quick release, a total game changer for removing the core after cutting, and also meaning you can switch between different size hole saws with just a click. As shown in the image above, please visit HPS Crawley to purchase the Starter Kit, as well as other Mandrex products.

Although Apex UK was mostly showcasing new and innovative products, like with the Starter Kit, its always good to put on some of your well known favourites - and so consequently there was a free breakfast - consisting of tea/coffee and bacon butties - a regular with Apex UK.

We would like to thank HPS Crawley for their cooperation in making the breakfast morning a huge success, and also a massive thank you to all those that attended.



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