What sizes do hole saws come in?

Hole saws are available in a large range from 14mm up to 210mm, length is also important, depending on the depth of the cut.

What is a hole saw commonly used for?

Hole saws are commonly used by electricians for cutting down-lighter holes in ceilings, metal back plating and glanding. Plumbers use hole saws extensively for drilling joists, pipe-work and kitchen fittings.

What is the best hole saw for cutting through metal?

An M3 grade of hole saw is suitable for drilling any material up to the hardness of steel. M42 grade 8% cobalt hole saws are suitable for material up to the hardness of stainless steel. Mandrex also offers the M42 12tp fineXcut range which is perfect for sheet metal as it doesn’t grab during cutting!

How do you enlarge a hole?

A hole can be enlarged using the Mandrex hole enlargement kit (MX2P0052HEB) which enables the user to put 2 x hole saws on the same arbor using the smaller as a pilot guide.

How deep can a hole saw cut?

Most brands of hole saw are 38mm deep. Mandrex hole saws are 45mm, 60mm, 165mm and 300mm deep.

What are hole saws made from?

Most hole saws are made of M3 grade of steel and M42 8% cobalt. Mandrex offer both of these types of hole saw.

What are the different hole saw sets?

Hole saw sets are normally formulated for Electricians , Plumbing, Heating & Ventilation Engineers.

What is a hole saw arbor?

A hole saw arbor is a spindle to which one can attach a hole saw to a power drill. Mandrex offers a one-click solution which is interchangeable with any brand of hole saw.


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